The Recession Hits Rap Videos. We Review Fat Joe's 2007 "Make It Rain Remix" Video

Good morning class. Today we're going to talk about Fat Joe's "Make It Rain Remix". Oh don't groan we know the video is old, but it's a great example of the current recession and its affect on the rap industry. Let's face it, lately it just seems like everyone keeps using the same Lambos and Louie. It's like there's a big truck that drives the same junk around from video to video. I bet they don't even open those Nuvo bottles, they just pack up the "dog boners" for the next shoot.

Let's travel back to '07 and examine at least two good indications of the current recession in Mr. Fat Joe's video. The first is the appearance of a Lyons Worldwide jewelry box at the beginning. Lyons' website is currently down and their domain name is expiring. We think it's safe to say they're out of business. But maybe the biggest indication of hard financial times is the Bugatti Veyron seen in this video. At $1.3-3.8 million this car is by far the most expensive whip out there and currently we can't think of any rapper showing one off. They're all pushing the same Lambo Gallardos which barely crack $200k.

You may also notice Fonzworth Bentley was still just carrying the umbrella then. Now he's rapping and writing books although his career has yet to take off, even with all those high-profile friends. R. Kelly was still drinking good ol' Alize, before Nuvo starting paying financially strapepd rappers to drink it (that's gotta be the only way somebody would drink that stuff). We downed a couple bottles of Alize at a house party years ago and, while it tastes much better than Nuvo, it will still give you the same suicidal hangover.

So what have we learned today class? Rapping, and having your products in rap videos, is not recession proof. This is a lot for one post so along with our teacher theme here we're probably going to take the day off tomorrow and start the long weekend early. We'll most likely smoke some pot and talk about the 60s. We hope you'll take some time this holiday weekend to contact your favorite rapper and ask them to "step up their game". This country won't get out of the recession anytime soon unless we have rap videos to encourage our reckless spending.


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