Play Cloths Polo from Clipse's "I'm Good" Video

If you're a rapper these days you gotta have your own clothing line. Play Cloths is Clipse's label so there's no surprise he's wearing the Big Jack Polo ($66) in his "I'm Good" video featuring Pharrell. It's a nice polo but since black is only available in size small right now you won't see us wearing that one. The black BMW M6 convertible ($110,000) he drives in the video is one-size-fits-all so maybe you'll see us in one of those. But will chicks think it's the same as the 3 series convertible that's not even half as much? A couple girls we know thought some guy won the lottery because he bought a 3 series. Guys if you're tight on cash right now just buy a BMW sticker on eBay and slap it on your Civic. From our experience shorties really don't pay attention to cars very well.

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  1. There's always Pharrell's IC polo which costs twice as much.



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