Gucci Belt, Crooks & Castles Plaid Hat, and Carreras from Ace Hood's "Loco With The Cake" Video

If you want to get "Loco With The Cake" like Ace Hood in his new video, we recommend the Gucci belt he's wearing ($295, scroll to the right on their stupid site). If you want to get a little less loco try the Crooks and Castle's Gingham hat ($45) worn above by a "UTI" (unidentifiable thuggish individual). We also found a pretty good deal on the red and white Carrera shades Ace Hood is wearing throughout the video on ebay ($85).

This video is very appropriate as I get ready to run to the bank this morning. I need to get as many 1s as possible for Jason's bachelor party this weekend. When the two of us are sweating out Miller Lites and stenching of BBQ cheeseburgers it takes "loco cake" before a stripper will touch us, and even more for her to look like she's into it. Now where's my Winn-Dixie bag...


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