Ralph Lauren Big Pony Polo from DJ Webstar's "Dancing On Me" Video

Well we made it through Jason's bachelor party this weekend, barely. We spotted the Ralph Lauren Big Pony Polo above (for men and women) in DJ Webstar's "Dancing On Me" video a month ago but we were waiting for the right time to talk about it. Jason wore his own Big Pony Polo for the party Saturday night and I personally witnessed a girl at the bar and one of the strippers (before we started throwing money at her) compliment him on the shirt. That's two more compliments than every other shirt he owns.

I also give it 5 stars for its stain-repelling abilities. Someone ordered a couple pizzas halfway through the party and while I'm pretty sure the strippers have a few 3rd degree burns Jason's polo, which had so much sauce on it you might have thought he'd been shot, came clean after we tricked my wife into washing it on Sunday.


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