Lil Wayne's Crystal Supra Skytops and Michael Jackson Tribute T-shirt from BET Awards

If you watched the BET Awards last week you may have noticed the 12-year-old girls dancing around on stage during Lil Wanye's performance of "Every Girl" (after Drake's "Best I Ever Had"). Apparently one of the girls was his daughter. We're not sure if this makes it better or worse when he's singing about "loving" every girl in the world. You may have also noticed his custom pair of Supra Skytops covered in crystals [thanks]. We're not sure where you can buy those, but you can get a non-bedazzled pair online for ($142).

We also spotted this artistic Michael Jackson tribute t-shirt ($12) on some famous person in the crowd. We don't know who he is and we're not sure we care. We're here to help you buy stuff, not find celebrities.

Update: Thanks to @RenegadeSOA513 we now know that's Carmello Anothony of the Denver Nuggets in the MJ t-shirt. We're still not sure we care but at least Brandon is trying to be helpful, which is more than we can say for most of you.


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