Michael Jackson's Fedora from "Billie Jean" and Piano T-Shirt from "Beat It"

For those of you who are sick of everyone jumping on the Michael Jackon bandwagon today, we're sorry, but it's pretty tough not to find something from a MJ video today. Obviously there is a ton of stuff going up for sale on ebay right now, but one of our favorites is this autographed fedora ($5,000+) similar to the one he wore during his historic Motown Anniversary performance of "Billie Jean". If you spend that much for the hat at least take it out of the stupid glass case and wear it around. To celebrate the legend for less cash try this piano t-shirt on CafePress ($31) similar to the one he wore in the "Beat It" video.

Yea, we know Michael Jackson isn't a rapper, but it's hard to find a rapper that wasn't a fan of his at some point. White guys like us looked up to him when it came to dance moves so we have to pay a little respect. Rocco still loves to try and moonwalk after a couple dozen Miller Lites. And if you've had a couple dozen Miller Lites too it actually looks like he's doing it right.

Update: Also check out this Michael Jackson tribute t-shirt from the BET Awards.


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