Some Seriously Expensive Shades - Louis Vuitton Millionaires

Louis Vuitton's Millionaires are the most expensive "stunnas" we've found so far. We've seen them recently in Birdman's "Always Strapped Remix" and Wale's "Chillin" videos. How expensive are they? They're being offered on ebay right now for the bargain-basement price of $2,500-$3,500 (bid now!). They're very rare so ebay is pretty much the only place you'll find them outside actual Louis Vuitton stores. We don't recommend taking your girl into a Louis Vuitton store. You can get a governor-grade prostitute for less money than buying her something in there.

You'll see the Evidence style ($1,000-1,500) up there on ebay as well. You may remember these from Rick Ross' "Boss" video.


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