Alessandra Cardoso IS NOT the Girl in David Guetta's "Sexy Chick" Video Featuring Akon

Somehow we missed Alessandra Cardoso in David Guetta's "Sexy Chick" video with Akon.  She's so hot...and we won't let this happen again.

Alessandra, chame-nos para uma entrevista.

UPDATE: Ok, it's not her.  The guy (or gal? commenting below was right.  We emailed Alessandra herself and she confirmed it's not her.  Hey you, if you want a job that doesn't pay anything for watching videos all day let us know.

Burberry Pajama Pants from Young Money's "Bedrock" Video

We're all about seeing how many women you can get in your bed, but the beginning of Young Money's "Bedrock" video is a bit ridiculous.  There could be a dude in that pile and you wouldn't even know it.  We recommend the Burberry pajama pants ($175) Weezy is wearing even if you're crawling out of bed with just 3 or 4 chicks.  We have really developed a serious obsession with Nicki Minaj and we keep watching her rap over and over and over...this can't be healthy.

Chicago Bulls Hat, Louis Vuitton Belt, and Sunglasses that Blow from Chris Brown's "I Can Transform Ya" Video

Here's a "3-for-1" post from Chris Brown's "I Can Transform Ya" video...since we've been pretty lazy about putting stuff up here lately. Lil Wayne is wearing a Mitchell and Ness Chicago Bulls hat ($32) while he "transforms" into the $1 million+ Bugatti Veyron.  Chris Brown is wearing two things you can't buy online, although you probably wouldn't want to anyway.  We've talked about his Dior Homme Blow shades ($595) before, when Busta wore them, and he's also wearing the Louis Vuitton Inventeur Reversible Damier Graphite belt (a steal at $570).  Thanks UpscaleHype.  This is pretty cool video and we can't help but wonder if one of the motorcycle chicks could transform themselves into our living room, and then maybe transform our wives into a fresh pizza and bottle of Dom.

Diamond Supply Co. Hat from Clipse's "I'm Good Remix" Video

Yea, we know we talk about Ricky Ross too much, but we since we haven't mentioned this designer before we felt obligated to let you know The Boss is wearing a Diamond Supply Co. hat ($45) in Clipse's "I'm Good Remix" video.  There are a few other items available at Diamond Supply's own online store, and if you're interested in hearing more about their "cloths" we suggest following @NickyDiamonds on Twizzle.  We promise to blog about a different rapper soon...maybe.

Crooks Script Hat and Perrier Jouet Fleur Blanc from Rick Ross & Triple C's "Trickin Off" Video

Even though we haven't talked about him for awhile, Ricky Ross is still our favorite.  You just have to admire a guy who takes his shirt off even when he probably shouldn't, especially in a video.  The Boss is wearing a Crooks & Castles Script New Era hat ($40) and swinging a bottle of Perrier Jouet Fleur Blanc wine ($364) in Triple C's "Trickin Off" video.  In case you were wondering, Perrier Jouet Fleur Blanc means "white wine that comes from a shitty little white flower" in French.  Jason is going to convince his wife to call him "Jake the Snake" this weekend (because he knocks "it" out...just watch the video).  ...sure that will go well.

Pelicans Roses and Gold T-Shirt from Yo Gotti's "5 Star Remix" Video

Yea, we've been pretty lazy with the posting lately.  It's mostly Rocco's fault for having a kid and not being able to watch enough videos, but we should also chalk some of the blame up to Nicki Minaj for preventing us from watching any new videos.  We can't help it...we're heavily obsessed with her.  We did find the Fli Pelicans t-shirt ($32) Yo Gotti is wearing above in his "5 Star Remix" video.  We may have talked about these before, but he's also wearing a pair of Louis Vuitton Evidence Aviator sunglasses ($675).  You can't buy these online (except ebay) but it's not like your cheap ass is gonna buy them anyway.

Don't You Worry About What's In Lil Wayne's Cup

We realize this isn't technically a rap video, but it does have some product placement so it's worthy of our blog.  A reporter from the bloody ol' UK asks Lil Wayne "what's in the cup?" he drinks from while he's in the studio.  It doesn't sound like Weezy is going to answer the question but he does give a lot of good reasons why he might pick the cup again (sizzurp).  He does mention having Dolce wine ($50-$400) in his cup right now.  How many cases do you think they send him every time he mentions their name?  Do you think he'll still get the bottles while he's serving time?

Nicki Minaj and T-Shirts from Yo Gotti's "5 Star Remix" Video

It's not easy to find three things in one frame of a video...unless you're us of course.  In the shot above from Yo Gotti's "5 Star Remix" video you'll see a Rocksmith New Money t-shirt ($13) on Yo Gotti, and another T.I.T.S. t-shirt ($34) on Gucci Mane.  Those are great but our favorite part of this video is Nicki Minaj, who is signed to Lil Wayne's record label.  We really like, uh...the way she raps.  Yea, that's it.

White Boy Wasted with a New Era Hat and Play Cloths T-Shirt from Gucci Mane's "Wasted" Video

We didn't realize, before Gucci Mane's "Wasted" video, that if you're black and you get really drunk you're considered "white boy wasted".  We're not sure this is a compliment but it's cool, we're not offended.  What do they call it if you're white and you throw a really big barbeque in a park?  Black-B-Q?  If you're gonna throw a Black-B-Q you may want to wear the New Era Big C hat ($39) from the video, along with Play Cloths Good News Days t-shirt ($36).  We also recommend a few of those tattooed chicks from the video and a couple hundred Solo cups.  There's something about a hot girl drinking out of a Solo cup that really does it for us.  Probably because we figure if she's drinking from plastic she'll actually get drunk enough to take off her clothes in front of us.

I'm On A Boat T-Shirt from Yung Berg's "6 In Tha Mornin" Video

Is the whole "I'm On A Boat" thing still funny?  We're not sure but we do like this t-shirt ($20) in Yung Berg's "6 In Tha Mornin" video.  That looks like the type of boat we would want to be on.  T.I.T.S makes some great t-shirts.  Jason's favorite has pancakes on it...of course.  He said if any hoes plan on showing up at his door at 6 in the morning they better be bringing pancakes.


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