Chicago Bulls Hat, Louis Vuitton Belt, and Sunglasses that Blow from Chris Brown's "I Can Transform Ya" Video

Here's a "3-for-1" post from Chris Brown's "I Can Transform Ya" video...since we've been pretty lazy about putting stuff up here lately. Lil Wayne is wearing a Mitchell and Ness Chicago Bulls hat ($32) while he "transforms" into the $1 million+ Bugatti Veyron.  Chris Brown is wearing two things you can't buy online, although you probably wouldn't want to anyway.  We've talked about his Dior Homme Blow shades ($595) before, when Busta wore them, and he's also wearing the Louis Vuitton Inventeur Reversible Damier Graphite belt (a steal at $570).  Thanks UpscaleHype.  This is pretty cool video and we can't help but wonder if one of the motorcycle chicks could transform themselves into our living room, and then maybe transform our wives into a fresh pizza and bottle of Dom.


  1. There's also the BBC/IC season 9 running dog hoodie that's only in a few seconds of the video. $275 retail.

  2. Hi,

    I'm looking for some apparel I saw in a rap video.. I can't find a "Contact Us" link on this site-how can I request some help?

    I'd like to purchase the Chicago Bulls t-shirt Gucci Mane is wearing in his new video, "Nuthin On Ya" feat. Wiz Khalifa.


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