Burberry Pajama Pants from Young Money's "Bedrock" Video

We're all about seeing how many women you can get in your bed, but the beginning of Young Money's "Bedrock" video is a bit ridiculous.  There could be a dude in that pile and you wouldn't even know it.  We recommend the Burberry pajama pants ($175) Weezy is wearing even if you're crawling out of bed with just 3 or 4 chicks.  We have really developed a serious obsession with Nicki Minaj and we keep watching her rap over and over and over...this can't be healthy.


  1. Can you figure out what brand of prescription glasses lil wayne is wearing in that video

  2. I got some fake shiny burberry pj pants. there a big hit. maddy loves them. maybe you can talk him into getting me the real deal at the bowling party.



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