Crooks Script Hat and Perrier Jouet Fleur Blanc from Rick Ross & Triple C's "Trickin Off" Video

Even though we haven't talked about him for awhile, Ricky Ross is still our favorite.  You just have to admire a guy who takes his shirt off even when he probably shouldn't, especially in a video.  The Boss is wearing a Crooks & Castles Script New Era hat ($40) and swinging a bottle of Perrier Jouet Fleur Blanc wine ($364) in Triple C's "Trickin Off" video.  In case you were wondering, Perrier Jouet Fleur Blanc means "white wine that comes from a shitty little white flower" in French.  Jason is going to convince his wife to call him "Jake the Snake" this weekend (because he knocks "it" out...just watch the video).  ...sure that will go well.


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