Periodic Table of Dallas and Yums T-Shirt from Dorrough's "Ice Cream Paint Job" Video

Hi, this is Jason.  Rocco is probably too busy changing diapers or trying to get his wife on the treadmill to help with the blog so I'm doing this myself.  I always hated Dorrough's "Ice Cream Paint Job" until I was in Atlanta for work and a hot black girl (that wasn't wearing a bra) danced to this song on the MARTA for at least 20 mintues, while it played on her cell phone speaker.  It was great and made me realize how much I love Atlanta.  I found some this page about the Periodic Table of Dallas but you can't buy it...because it's a wall.  You can buy this Yums t-shirt ($24) though.  Some dude at the end of the video is wearing it.  I hate Rocco.


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