Crystal Vodka from Method Man & Redman's "How Bout That" Video

Hi, this is Rocco.  I gotta make this quick because my wife is in labor in the next room right now.  I promised Jason I would post today and I don't want to let him or our loyal fans down.  When we get back from the hospital in a couple days she's probably going to want a divorce.  Ladies, time to get in line.

Anyway, here's another one from Method Man & Redman's "How Bout That" video.  On the table by Method Man is a bottle of Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Vodka ($45).  We're pretty excited about this vodka not only because it's Dan Aykroyd's (he's a funny guy, except in that video on the site) but also because it's in this cool crystal skull...of course.  Alright we'll probably try to get our hands on some of this but for now here's a pretty good review with lots of pictures.  Oh crap, I gotta go...I think that was screaming.


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