Finally, Some Alize, and NOT NUVO, in Cam'Ron's "La Bamba" Video

A week ago, as we watched R. Kelly swing his Alize bottle in Fat Joe's 2007 "Make It Rain Remix" video, we complained that all we see is Nuvo in rap videos now.  Maybe somebody was listening because Cam'ron is sipping Alize Gold Passion ($cheap-as-hell) in his new "La Bamba" video.  Maybe they're reading our site...probably not.  Although they did clearly throw this video together last-minute at the Harlem Up Deli Market in NY.  They could have done that in a week. 

Alize is great on its own but it's even better in a "Thug Passion".  What's that you ask?  Tell'em 2pac.  Jason wanted to point out that Alize is a great drink because you can always find a bottle that matches your outfit.  Yea, he said outfit.


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