Rick Ross' Stuffed Giraffe from "Here I Am" Video

One of our "fans" emailed us yesterday to make fun of us for not talking about any Rick Ross videos last week. His well written email reminded us we better get "back on Rick Ross' nuts before someone else does". Look we can't help it Rick Ross' videos are fine works of art that you appreciate in new ways every time you watch them. Take, for example, the stuffed giraffe at the beginning of the "Here I Am". If you're not "on Rick Ross' nuts" and watching this video over and over you may never notice this. You may also never take the time to find out you can actually go to Africa and shoot a giraffe for your house. It's probably going to run you around $10,000-ish but that's a small price to pay to be the only person on your block with a mounted giraffe in your house.


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