Leather Gucci Sneakers from Kia Shine's "Checkin My Fresh" Video

There's quite a few things in Kia Shine's "Checkin My Fresh" worth mentioning. We'll start with the $400 (originally $600) blue patent leather Gucci sneakers. The fringe is detachable, handy! It looks they're currently unavailable from Neiman Marcus but it's not like you were going to buy them anyway. How about the more reasonably priced Ralph Lauren baseball cap Young Dro is wearing ($30). You can even pick your horsey color and have it monogrammed.

"You can learn how to dress just by checkin I Saw It In A Rap Video.com..." It doesn't quite roll off the tongue but it's still very good advice.

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  1. Where can I get an extra hairline like Kia though, thats what I want.



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