Paul Wall's Hat from "Bizzy Body" Video

Ok before we talk about the hat Paul Wall is wearing in "Bizzy Body" I think we need to point out the ridiculous amount of Nuvo in recent rap videos. I think it's obvious at this point nobody is drinking this pink poison and someone is just driving the Nuvo car around from video shoot to video shoot unloading the excess supply. They're just hoping someone picks up one of those dog boner-shaped bottles while the camera is rolling. Has anyone, besides us, actually tried this stuff? Or even seen another human drinking it in real life?

Do you think the hot chick that keeps ringing out the rag into the sink knew how to do that before they cast her in the video? Even though I know she can't clean anything I could still watch that all day. If you look really close during the pool scene you'll notice one girl is holding the skimmer backwards.

Don't try showing this video to your girlfriend in the hopes it will "make cleaning the house sexy". It won't work...Jason tried.

Oh yea, and Paul Wall is wearing this Expensive Taste New Era hat. Warning - if you're as ugly as Paul Wall this hat will not help.

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