Be the Biggest Boss like Rick Ross

Rick Ross is pretty much our favorite living rapper (pour some out for B.I.G). Anyone who coins the phrase "I'm the biggest boss that you've seen thus far" is a bad ass in our book. We're also fans of any fat man that can convince a girl to get his name tattooed on her back (watch the video). If you want to be the biggest boss you're going to need a Maybach. Mr. Ross loves them so much he named his record label Maybach Music. I would think Mercedes-Benz, who owns Maybach, would have a copyright issue with this, but then again, can you imagine Gunther (the pasty-white corporate lawyer from Germany) showing up at the Ross mansion?

If you can't afford a Maybach (because you suck at hustlin') at least get some back window drapes for your 2001 Honda Accord and pay some homeless person to drive you around. You won't be the biggest boss that we've seen thus far, but it'll still be pretty cool.


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