Birdman's "Money to Blow" Video is NOT a SNL Skit

Sometimes we worry this blog isn't very recession proof.  What happens if all these rappers stop rapping about all the stuff they have because the rest of the country is unemployed and will start to hate them?  Our fears have been put aside, at least for now, with Birdman's "Money to Blow".  We love the "get to the point" title of the song.  We're pretty sure if this video was on Hulu it would be mistaken for a SNL skit.  We love the fridge full of Dom ($100+) and the Coogi Dress ($248) at the beginning (back it up and dump it honey).  We also like the classic Public Enemy t-shirt ($22) on Lil Wayne.  Is that real money they throw around?  Who picks it up after the shoot?  And who picks up that girl in the gold bodysuit after the shoot?


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