64 oz Flask and "I'm in Miami Bitch" T-Shirt from Pitbull's "Krazy" Video

This one is a little old, but when Jason brought up what he found in Pitbull's "Krazy" video we figured it was worth a post.  I mean, how many times do you see a 64 oz flask ($22) in a video?  These guys are from LMFAO and the dude on the right is wearing their signature "I'm in Miami Bitch" t-shirt ($25).  You can pretty much put anything in place of "Miami" there and it makes a great t-shirt.  "I'm in Prison Bitch"?  There are some other great items in the LMFAO store but we're probably biggest fans of the trashy looking party chicks who model the clothes.  They make us want to lose some weight so we can handle more than 30 min at one of those DJ parties without sweating to death.


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