Coogi 69 Patch Shirt from Lil Boosie's "Better Believe It" Video

Jason's on his honeymoon in Mexico this week (all the taco stands will soon be empty) so I'm on my own trying to find stuff in videos. I spotted this Coogi "69 Patch" shirt ($98) in Lil Boosie's "Better Believe It" video. I'm not sure it's something I can pull off but the guy wearing it on the Coogi website seems to be doing a pretty good job of it.

If you've ever dreamed of getting paid nothing to write for a mediocre blog like this, now is your chance. If you send me something I can use this week not only will you achieve 15 minutes of Internet "fame" you may have a shot at taking Jason's job. He's going to be working a lot more once he gets back from this honeymoon, and probably won't have time to watch videos anymore, because everyone knows wives spend money even faster than girlfriends.


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