Bobby Henderson, "Barber 2 Da Stars", cutting Ludacris' Hair in Ace Hood's "Born An OG" Video

Luda comes hard on his verse in Ace Hood's "Born An OG". We're not really sure what that means but all the commenters on World Star Hip-Hop said that and we want to fit in. We also want Bobby Henderson to cut our hair ($100) while we rap like Ludacris. Oh wait, we can't rap. Check out this video of Bobby cutting hair on Soulja Boy's tour bus. Who is that crazy looking Asian dude with the grillz? (insert Soulja Boy joke here)


  1. Hi!I've been takin' a look 2 your blog, and I was wondering if you can help me to find the cap that method man wears on raekwon new wu's video. Cos' I looked fot it everywhere here in Spain but it's imposible... Can you help me?



  2. Yeah, B. World did his thang. I was actually at the video shoot with Bobby. Good stuff.



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