Rao's - The Restaurant in Jay-Z's "D.O.A" (Death of Autotune) Video

For as much time and money as we've spent in restaurants it's pretty amazing this is the first one we're talking about in a rap video. Jay-Z is seen eating, and then playing cards in the kitchen with Harvey Keitel, at the famous Rao's in East Harlem in his "Death of Autotune" video. Apparently the food is just as unbelievable as the wait for a reservation. There's one is Vegas too but the word is "not so good" - better plan a trip to NYC. We're fans of Jay-Z but we're hoping he doesn't completely kill autotune because we really can't sing without it.


  1. What kind of liquor is Jay-Z drinking in the video? (not the wine or the cristal that he blows up)


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