Louis XIII Cognac from Rick Ross' "Boss Lady" Video and, "Is $30k too much for booze?"

Remy Martin's Louis XIII has been in a few videos over the years but since we haven't talked about it yet we figured it was worth a post. When we tell you that the Louis XIII in Rick Ross' "Boss Lady" video costs around $1,500-2,000 a bottle you may think that's a crazy amount of money to spend on booze, but it's really not. What's crazy is the special edition Black Pearl Louis XIII that sells for $30,000-55,000 a bottle. Apparently the Rose Club at the Plaza Hotel in NY was offering single drinks of it for $2,500 (what a deal!).

"Boss Lady" was filmed in St. Thomas but if you're ever there instead of blowing way too much on cognac stop by the world famous Mountain Top. We were there on a cruise last year and we must say the banana daiquiris really are amazing. If you happen drink 11 of them we recommend posing with the pirate hooker in the gift shop (above) and then throwing up next to a bench outside where everyone has their picture taken. Just ignore that noise you hear, it's not your wife/girlfriend screaming at you...it's probably just a cruise ship horn in the harbor.


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