Kanye West's Bape Hoodie and Another Billionaire Boys Club T-shirt from Wale's "Chillin"

Not only are we getting fairly obsessed with Lady GaGa (can you really hold her in your hand like that?) there's so much stuff in Wale's "Chillin" video we just can't stop watching it. Check out another Billionaire Boys Club t-shirt ($95) and this special edition BAPE (A Bathing Ape) Tiger hoodie ($100) designed by Kanye West. That Yeezy designs everything these days. We also found this similar BAPE Shark hoodie ($90). If you don't know anything about Bape (of course we didn't) you may want to read their Wikipedia entry so you can properly explain how special your hoodie is.

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  1. Those hoodies retail for about $300. The sites you quoted the hoodies from are selling fakes... that is why they are so cheap. The shirt is correct though, they're about $80 a piece. That is the real BBC/IC site.



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