Expensive Taste's Tribute to Paul Revere in Paul Wall's "Lemon Drop" Video

Paul Wall's videos have lately been full of Nuvo and gear from the Expensive Taste clothing label. His recent video "Lemon Drop" fits right in. You know how we feel about Nuvo, and up until we saw this "What I Expect" t-shirt ($28) from Expensive Taste, we weren't sure how we felt about their stuff. However, any label that quotes Beastie Boys' "Paul Revere" on a shirt moves up a few spots in our book. You may have also noticed Soulja Boy favorite Yums in the video as well. Don't ask us why Paul would let them wear that goofy crap in his video.

We decided that of any rapper Paul Wall is who we'd like to hang out with the most. We figure with him being even more hideous than us we might actually have a shot at stealing away a groupie or two.


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