30" Rims from Twista's "American Gangsta" Video

Who remembers the good ol' days when 22s were big? Just us? Maybe we're old, but lucky for us it looks like 30 is the new 20 from the size of the rims in Twista's "American Gangsta" video. Rocco was watching this video, trying to decipher what Mr. Twista is saying, when he got very excited about the kid standing next to the 30 inch rims. You see, his wife is pregnant (only sailors wear condoms) and now he's finally happy about it because as soon as the baby comes out he's going to put it next to his 15s so they look huge. He said laying their newborn down on the gravely driveway will teach his wife a lesson for not letting him get bigger rims.

If you didn't make the mistake of getting married you can get your own set of 30s for just under $10,000. Will you have the biggest rims around? Of course not! It looks like 40 maybe be the new 30 soon.


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