1800 Select Silver 100 Proof Tequila from Rick Ross' "Face" Video

It's been a couple days so you know it's time for a Rick Ross video. We couldn't help but notice some obvious product placement in his latest video "Face" with Trina. Boy she is one bad bitch that is extremely attractive, yet very intimidating. Anyway...draped in Maybach Music chains are 2 bottles of 1800 Select Silver 100 Proof ($30) and 2 bottles of 1800 Silver ($26) tequila. Rocco loves tequila and he's very anxious to try a 100 proof version that will help him embarrass his wife even faster. Oh yea, and Rick Ross is wearing a fake black Fendi track jacket. How do we know it's fake? Everyone knows Fendi doesn't make 5XL.


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