Lil Wayne's Camo Hat from Birdman's "Always Strapped Remix" Video

Hey look everybody! Lil Wayne is wearing a cool hat in Birdman's video! What's it say across the camo pattern? Dirty Ghetto Kids? Oh yea, DGK. They specialize in skateboards and "skate fashion". We like Lil Wayne's hat and we're going to buy one too ($40). Lil Wayne says - "Always wear a cool hat and a t-shirt with me on it when you make it rain on dem hoes." Oh Lil Wayne, we love you!


  1. in the always strapped original video...lil wayne wears a florida marlins hat. i cant find it anywhere...any luck????

  2. want to get diz hat to if anyone knoz where to find it at....looked alll ova the web

  3. whats it say on the side???



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