Akon's Konvict Jacket from Ace Hood's "Overtime" Video

We're still watching Ace Hood's "Overtime" hoping it will motivate us to to do something besides watch the video again. It hasn't worked yet, but we did spot a jacket from Akon's Konvict clothing line. Rocco went to the liquor store to try and find that red booze their drinking in the studio but he was unsuccessful. He thinks it might be Hypnotiq but that's only available in "blue flavor". This must be some new red-flavored Hynotiq-like drink for rappers only. He tried explaining what he was looking for to the old woman working there but she just tried to sell him Arbor Mist wine. We're pretty sure rappers don't drink Arbor Mist. We can't imagine DJ Khaled, who is also in the studio scene, drinking Arbor Mist and yelling "We da best!".

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