Recession-Friendly $10,000 Jeans from Akon's "Beautiful" Video

(Director) "Alright we gotta decide what Colby O'Donis is going to wear in this video with Akon and Kardinal."

(Wardrobe Coordinator) “Who the hell is Colby O’Donis?”

(Director) “He’s some 20 year-old Latino kid Akon signed to his label. Bring up his Wikipedia page.”

(Wardrobe Coordinator) "Wait, this dumb-looking white kid is going to be in a video with Akon and Kardinal? He's gonna look ridiculous next to those guys."

(Director) “Didn’t I just tell you he’s Latino?”

(Wardrobe Coordinator) “Look, I know a white boy when I see one, and isn’t O’Donis Irish?”

(Director) "Yea well we have to figure something out because I need the money from this video or else I’m going to foreclose on my house in Santa Monica. Maybe if we dress him in something even more ridiculous nobody will notice him. Any ideas?"

(Wardrobe Coordinator) "I found a company on the web that makes $10,000 diamond-studded jeans. Do you think that's ridiculous enough to distract everyone?"

(Director) “Wow. I can’t believe there are jeans worth more than the down payment on my $2.6 million-dollar 8-bedroom house. No wonder our economy is in the shitter. But yea, that’s a great idea. I’ll give you the AMEX, I just have to see how much available credit we have. We haven’t been paid yet for that damn Siberian tiger we rented for Rick Ross.”

(Wardrobe Coordinator) “I still can’t believe he’s going to be in a video with them. Doesn’t he know he’s just going to look like a dumb white guy?”

(Director) “Speaking of dumb white guys…have you ever seen I Saw it in a Rap”


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