T-Pain's Parental Advisory T-Shirt from "I'm On A Boat" Video

We really wish we could link you to some mermaid-escort service but we still can't find one. We did however find the t-shirt T-Pain is wearing while he brags about poking a flippered woman on the "big blue watery road". Don't forget to grab a pair of his Oakley Oil Rigs too. Whenever you're feeling down just watch "I'm On A Boat" and imagine how much fun it would be out on the water with T-Pain. "Shortaeee!"


  1. I especially love T-Pain's top hat!!! So Classy and Cool all at the same time!! Thanks boys for the link....I've been singing "I'm on a boat" all day! Keep the HOT Spots coming!!

    Love, S-DOgg!

  2. Hold the phone, eff the shades and the t shirt, I want that hat.

    This one



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